Assessing Network Vulnerabilities 4-Day Course

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Course description:

Security professionals are overwhelmed by abundant security advisories, intrusion and firewall alerts, and vulnerability reports. Knowledge of actual hacking techniques and scenarios permits a more effective response against the growing threats from Internet access and presence. The 4-day instructor led course exposes students to exploits and teaches them how to run vulnerability scans to better secure networks, servers and workstations.

What you will learn is how to:

  •  Assess the risk to your systems from vulnerabilities and exploit
  •  Conduct vulnerability scans of your networks, servers and workstations
  • Integrate advisories and alerts into your security practices and procedures
  • Respond to evolving risk levels by prioritizing your defensive resources
  •  Manage an ongoing vulnerability assessment process
NICE work roles & specialty area:
Information Systems Security Developer / Systems Development (SYS)