Information Systems Continuous Monitoring (ISCM) 2-Day Course

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Course description:

This course concentrates on understanding the Continuous Monitoring activities as defined under the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) and from NIST SP 800-137. The course provides an in-depth of the NIST 800-147, the process to leading a system to Ongoing Authorization as defined in OMB. The curriculum will prepare the student to understand the process for implementing a Continuous Monitoring Strategy within their organization.

Course Module:

  • Module 1 – Continuous Monitoring and the Risk Management Framework
  • Module 2 – Security Metrics
  • Module 3 – Network Security and the ISCM
  • Module 4 – End-point Security and the ISCM
  • Module 5 – Automation
  • Module 6 – Capstone
NICE work roles & specialty area:
Vulnerability Assessment Analyst / Vulnerability Assessment and Management (VAM)